Board & Session

St. Aidan's Presbyterian Church



The purpose of the Board is to manage the financial

affairs of the church.

The board is made up of both members and

non-members of the congregation as well as the

treasurer. The current makeup of the board consists

of 10 people with different term dates so that

3 members retire each year. Members can stand

for re-election if they so choose.

The current board chair member is:


Wayne Tamkin - chair                 

The purpose of the Session is to guide the members of the congregation spirtitually through speech, teachings, conduct, loving and faith.

The Session is made up of a minister and ten elders.Elders are called "Rulling Elders" and are ordained for life Because we have decided to switch to term eldership, each elder is elected for a six year term. The expiry dates have been adjusted so that three elders retire every two years. Elders are voted in by members of the congregation and elders may leave their name for renomination but must take one year leave after 12 years.

Current Clerk of Session is:                   

Eileen Sparrow