Unity Club

St. Aidan's Presbyterian Church

The Unity Club

The oldest records of the Unity Club were minutes held on October 20, 1922. The club was formed as an offshoot from the Young Peoples Society in order to raise money for the church by putting on plays. The President of the club for that season was Albert McLennan , Jean Shortreed was elected Vice president , Lizzy Beck secretary treasurer.

The following were elected to the program committee: Allan McLennan, Enid Smythe,Marion Wilkie, and Ian Douglas. It was decided that the fee be set at $.25 per month.

They also held debates, the subject of the debate in November would be: “The Technical School offers more advantages than High School”. The judges decided the former the winner with points awarded at 46 to 44.

The group went on to put on a number of plays.

Unity Club Productions

1922-3 - An Economical Boomerang; Popping the Question

1924 - The Pot Boilers

1925 - Sauce for the Goslings; The Ghost Story

1927 - Women Folks; The Red Lamp

1928 - The Teeth of the Gift Horse; A Helping Hand

1929 - The Hidden Guest

May 9, 1930 - Two Too Many - Directed by Mrs. George Warrack

Characters - Martha - Grace Creamer

Stephen Whitmore  - George Heron

Mrs. Sophia Winkworth -  Enid Smythe

Ada Maycock -  Jeanne Hawn

Richard Warren -  Stewart Hyslop

Arthur Austin  - Roy Howard

James Winkworth -  Allan McLennan

Bunny Pepper  - Helen Halliday

Edith Harvey -  Jean Christie

Gertie Billings  - Violet Anderson

1931- The House of the Flashing Light - Directed by Mrs. George Warrack

Characters - Lavina -  Helen Halliday

Louise Bashford  - Norah McLennan

Clark Richards  - Stewart Hyslop

Jesse Corcoran  - Lindsay Prentice

Stella Faber  - Jeanne Hawn

Dot Faber  - Jean Christie

Mr. Li  - Jack Smythe

Pedro  - George Mitchell

Doyle Kevlin -  Allan McLennan

Eva Harper  - Tibby Steele

Phyllis -  Enid Smythe

1931 Camp, Keep Off - Directed by Mrs. George Warrack

Characters - Dubs - Bob Howard

Jeffrey Harland  - Lindsay Prentice

Laura Parker -  Myrtle Bell

Vincent Moore -  Stewart Hyslop

Florette Carrington  - Margaret Smythe

Alice Elliott  - William Bell

Peter Loring  - Lawrence Halliday

Jane Carrington -  Mary Mehl

1931 Doris and the Dinosaur - Directed by Mrs. George Warrack

Characters - Ralph Jordan -  Allan McLennan

Doris Jordan -  Doris Armstrong

Melita Pierson -  Isobel Steele

Alice Abbott  - Violet Anderson

Larry Keith  - Tom Hyslop

Roy Gaines  - Walter Dodd

Etta - Jean Christie

1931 Oh! Helpless Man - Directed by Mrs. George Warrack

Characters - Raymond Osgood  - Stewart Hyslop

Mrs. Pinchbeck  - Helen Halliday

Expressman  - Ted Bolton

Helen Dawson -  Jeanne Hawn

1932 - Oh, Kay! - Directed by Mrs. George Warrack

Characters - Kay Millis, Evelyn Whitman,

Gram. Pembroke, Edith Whitman,

Alice Borden, Arthur Whitman,

Capt. Geo. Whitman, Gramp.Pembroke,

Jim Hayes, Fred Alden,

The Black Terror

Players - Ted Bolton, Jean Christie, Helen Halliday, Lawrence Halliday, Jean

Hawn, Stewart Hyslop, Tom Hyslop, Bob Howard, Lindsay Prentice, Isobel

Steele, Margaret Smythe

1932 - D-298 - Directed by Mrs. George Warrack

Characters - Billy Bob Howard

May Doris Armstrong

Miss Pratt Tibbie Steele

Mr. Ebbs Walter Dodd

1932 - Mystery of the 3rd Gable - Directed by Mrs. George Warrack

Characters - Ray Lane Ted Bolton

Mrs. Lane -  Margaret Smythe

Sally Sherwood  - Jeanne Hawn

Tom Sherwood  - Tom Hyslop

Judge Sherwood  - Lindsay Prentice

Mrs. Sherwood  - Jean Christie

Janet Morgan  - Mary Mehl

Jane Morgan  - Helen Halliday

Roger Morgan  - Bob Armstrong

Simpson -  Lawrence Halliday

1933 - Fathers’ Day On -

Characters - Father Ted Bolton

Mother - Jean Christie

Judy  - Jeanne Hawn

Ethel  - Doris Armstrong

Helen  - Avril McDonald

Sedalia  - Violet Chapman

Bob  - Alfred Fulton

Marty  - Donald Dashwood-Jones

1933 - The Laughing Cure

Characters - Dr. Waitcomb  - Allan McLennan

Clarke Hanson -  Lindsay Prentice

Laura Hanson  - Margaret Smythe

Jimmie Mason  - Tom Hyslop

Gay Hanson -  Mary Mehl

Mrs. M.E. Perry -  Helen Burnett

Kitty Clyde  - Violet Anderson

St. George Carey, MD -  Alistair Taylor

1934 - The Blue Bag - Directed by Mrs. George Warrack

Characters - Anton McDonald  - Eddy Creelman

George -  Tom Hyslop

Chattanooga  - Helen Burnett

Cindy Macklyn - Jean Christie

Obadiah  - Lindsay Prentice

Allan Ross -  Bert Davis

Enid Lauton  - Jeanne Hawn

Jim Keefer  - Ted Bolton

Molly Keefer  - Betty Curry

Letty Long  - Jean Sutherland

Bill Harrington -  Allan McLennan

1935 - The Red Headed Stepchild -

Characters - Mrs. Russell -  Enid Herron

Mrs. Woodruff  - Helen Halliday

Mrs. Scott  - Jessie Gibson

Briggs  - Lloyd Yorkston

Lucia Russell -  Jean Sutherland

Dudley Russell -  Tom Hyslop

Richard Russell  - Allan McLennan

Elizabeth Russell  - Helen Burnett

George Garrison  - Lindsay Prentice

Ethel Ashley  - Pat Greig

Lucille Christy  - Betty Curry

Flora Farnum  - Jeanne Hawn

1935 - Farm Folks - Directed by Mrs. George Warrack

Characters - Delia Slocum  - Enid Herron

Bijah Finn -  Tommy Craig

Mrs. Peasley -  Helen Halliday

Sarah Goodwin -  Kathleen Bolton

Dave Weston  - Howard Bell

Amos Goodwin  - Lawrence Halliday

Flora Goodwin -  Helen Burnett

Philip Burleigh  - Lloyd Yorkston

Mrs. Burleigh  - Jessie Gibson

Grace Burleigh  - Jeanne Hawn

Thompson  - George Gibson

November 1935 - The Scarecrow Creeps

Characters - Adam Throgg  - Jack Lockyer

Maudie Hobbs  - Helen Halliday

Roderick Gage  - Allan McLennan

Dr. Kenneth Gage -  Bert Harris

Aunt Zinnia Washington -  Jessie Gibson

Trailing Arbutus  - Lloyd Yorkston

Perry Gage  - George Mitchell

Mrs. Annsbelle Gage -  Helen Burnett

Miss Amelia Gage  - Enid Herron

Norma Gage  - Jeanne Hawn

April 28, 29 & 30, 1936 - April’s Fool - profit $47.05

Nov 18, 19, 20, 1936 - Murdered Alive - profit $47.37

The House of the Flashing Light - profit $95.99

November 24-27, 1937 - D-298 - Directed by Mrs. George Warrack

Characters - Billy -  Lloyd Yorkston

May -  Jean Hawn

Miss Pratt -  Margaret Smythe

Mr. Ebbs -  Lindsay Prentice

Finders Keepers - - Directed by Mrs. George Warrack

Characters - Mrs. Aldrid  - Enid Herron

Mr. Aldrid  - Allan McLennan

Mrs. Hampton -  Helen Burnett

June 1938 - “Amateur Detective”

March 6, 1941 “The Blue Boy”

Later the following people married:

Helen Halliday to Tom Roulston

Enid Smythe to George Herron

Margaret Smythe to Lindsay Prentice

Jean Hawn to Ted Bolton

Although they won many awards for their productions, they could not compete in all the competitions because they were affiliated with the church. Because of this, they formed the New Westminster Vagabond Players with Allan McLennan being the first president of the new group.